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North Weather Cover

North Weather Cover is of good quality and made of durable and strong UV-protected PVC


Where we deliver
Currently we deliver to the following countries:
Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

If you live in USAGermany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgiumthe United Kingdom, ItalySweden, Norway, Denmark or Finland, you can shop directly from their local websites.

Delivery time
If the goods are in stock, the delivery time is estimated to 2-7 working days (only Monday to Friday).

Delivery costs
Trampolines and accessories/spare parts
(more than 200 € order value)
49 EUR

Accessories and spare parts
(less than 200 € order value)
29 EUR

Delivery method
The delivery of our goods is carried out by third parties (forwarding agents and parcel services). All of this is beyond our control and warranty.
Note, smaller parcels can be sent by mail, and then picked up at the nearest postal representative.

For questions about the delivery, please contact us, info@northtrampoline.com


  • Keep the trampoline clean
  • UV-protected PVC
  • Waterproof with drainage holes
  • Color: Black


Keeps dirt, sunlight and moisture away from the trampoline!

Good quality and made of durable and strong UV-protected PVC

Suitable if the trampoline will stand near trees that release a lot of leaves.
The safety net must be loosened or removed before using the weather cover.

North Weather Cover fits the following models:

Explorer / Challenger Round 300, 360 and 430 trampolines
Explorer Oval 350, 420 and 500 trampolines
Explorer / Performer Rectangular 460 trampolines




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